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We believe all of our customers deserve to feel like VIPs. That’s why we’re introducing our new loyalty program, the Sleep Society! Love Shhh Silk? Love Rewards? Enjoy the best of both worlds by receiving special offers as you shop with us! There are four levels to the loyalty program: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Pink Diamond. The more silk goodies you get, the more rewards you receive! 


Sign up with your email
address and create an account

Earn points everytime you
shop our luxury silk products

Use your points to redeem
vouchers and free products

Give a friend $10 off their first
purchase and earn points

Follow us on instagram and
like us on facebook for points

Reviews purchases to add to
your total points

Each tier can be reached depending on how much
you spend. The higher you go, the more you can get!

For more info, please read the Sleep Society FAQ's