September 08, 2018

You Need This Beauty Tool In Your Life

You Need This Beauty Tool In Your Life

Your hair is one of your most valuable assets for enhancing your natural beauty. But let’s face it, as much as you love your luscious locks, they can be a nightmare when it comes to getting ready! Never fear, our new No Slip Alligator Clips are the perfect solution to taming your hair and keeping it shiny all day.


These No Slip Clips come in a pack of 4 for only $19 and are your new best friend for your daily routine. Everything from doing your makeup for the day ahead to washing your face before going to bed.


Get ready for a night out and nail that winged eyeliner without the threat of your hair falling in the way – there’s nothing worse than ruining what could have been the Picasso makeup looks.


Applying fake tan is difficult enough as it is without the struggle of your hair getting in the way! Use these clips to ensure applying your fake tan is easy, without the hassle of stray hairs streaking your freshly bronzed skin.


To all my long and thick haired sisters, styling your hair will no longer be problematic. The name isn’t an exaggeration, because these Alligator Clips have the strength to hold back even the thickest of curls, manes and locks. Use these clips to easily section off your hair into manageable areas so that you can style a hairdo that is worthy of the red carpet!


Once these clips are on your head, your hair isn’t going anywhere. Trust me, you’d be more likely to win the lottery than have your hair move once these clips are in place. But don’t worry, even though these clips are super strong, they are gentle. The curved and flexible design of the No Slip Clips has been specifically crafted to comfortably frame your head. Better yet, the gentle design ensures that you won't be left with bumps and kinks in your hair once you remove the clip!


Allow these perfect prep buddies to improve your rushed mornings and busy nights for a hassle-free, getting ready experience.