September 10, 2018

The Types Of People In A Group Assignment

The Types Of People In A Group Assignment

There's nothing students dread more hearing "This will be a group assignment".The struggles of working and cooperating with strangers is a challenge we must all endure at some point. Regardless of who you are teamed up with, there are various types of people in a group assignment that you will have to work with. 

The Captain

If you’ve ever been this person, you’d know the pain involved. The Captain is the backbone of the group that has to take over the project because the other group members are too clueless or lazy. Everyone else in the group knows that this person is doing the majority of the work but they wont offer to help out. If a group doesn’t have this person, work will not get done and you will fail. Shout out to those of you who are The Captain and are not appreciated for your hard work!


The Clueless Contributor

This person has really good intentions but really bad ideas. As far as this person is concerned, any thought that enters their mind needs to be shared regardless of being relevant to the task. What’s worse is that this person makes A LOT of suggestions! Everyone else in the group cringes at this person’s ideas and remains silent before awkwardly changing the subject.


The Ghost

Who is this person? You wouldn’t know because you’ve never met them! Their name is on all of the documents, the PowerPoint presentation and they’re in the group chat BUT you’ve never seen nor heard from them. To be honest, you can’t be sure if this person exists. But miraculously when it comes to presenting, this person resurrects from the dead and makes an appearance to get the grades.

Negative Nelly

This person disagrees with everything! Nothing is good enough for them and they are quick to judge all of your work and shut down your ideas.  Negative Nelly openly has opinions about anything and everything, but will never offer suggestion of how to fix what is supposedly wrong with your work.


The Bad Influence

This person makes group assignments bearable. They are genuinely fun to be around and you can always count on them to lift the mood with their sense of humour. However, as fun as they are to be around, they are a huge distraction. They procrastinate and lead the group way off task so that things take 5 times longer to complete. Although they may not be very productive, they are an enjoyable asset to the group and are likely to become your Uni Bestie!