March 31, 2020

Sleep and Immunity

Sleep and Immunity

We all know about the importance of sleep for keeping us alert, productive and functioning properly. But did you know that lack of sleep can greatly impact your immune system? Not only does sleep deprivation leave you more vulnerable to getting sick after being exposed to a virus, but it also affects your ability to recover from illness.


Cytokines are a protein that helps control the immune system and fight disease. These proteins are produced while you sleep, so sleep loss means insufficient amounts are created and your immune system is unable to fight off disease as well.


Sleep also helps the body repair and recover from a cold or flu. During sleep, the body fights infection with fevers and allows us to mend. Lack of sleep will prolong illness.


Don’t underestimate the importance of sleep as it contributes to numerous negative consequences. To keep your immune system functioning properly and fight against illness, be sure to get the recommended 7-8 hours sleep.