May 13, 2021

Shhh Silk Pay It Forward

Shhh Silk Pay It Forward

Shhh Silk Pay It Forward

One simple act of kindness has the power to start a chain reaction of good deeds and create a wave of positivity .

At Shhh Silk we believe in the power giving, no matter how big or small. Doing a small good deed can really change someones day and also feels great for yourself. The Pay It Forward concept is a wonderful method to bring positivity into someones day and have an ongoing ripple effect. We love doing pay it forward giveaways to bring some joy into someones life and hopefully also encourage others to do the same.

When we do a pay it forward giveaway, we don't simply give away free product. We think of interesting ways, separate from our brand, that we think will really benefit someone and inspire others to continue the pay it forward chain.

If you're stuck for some ideas of how to start a pay it forward chain, here are just a few ways we've paid it forward.


Knowing that many people have lost their jobs or income due to the pandemic, we paid for one of our followers phone bills for one month. This is a really simple act of kindness! If you know someone struggling with their bills lately, why not cover them for a month?


With travel limited due to the ongoing pandemic, we thought a hotel gift card could be just the trick! Although many of us are restricted within our borders, an overnight stay in your local area can make it feel like you're on a holiday! It's also great for supporting the tourism industry which are suffering greatly due to the pandemic.


Nothing like a good massage to release tension. If you know someone who is needing a little stress relief, surprise them with a massage voucher!


With winter coming, warmth and comfort is a must! We gave one of our followers a pink oodie to keep them snug this winter!

Pay It Forward ideas don't need to be large or extravagant. Surprise your college with a coffee, offer to mow your neighbours lawn or pay for the persons order behind you in the drive through. Helping friends, family and strangers is what we need in these trying times to keep positivity alive!

Author: Brittany Nash