February 05, 2021

Self Love This Valentines Day

Self Love This Valentines Day


Why is it that when it comes to Valentine’s Day, self-love is left in the dark?  

This is meant to be the holiday of love. However, every year on the 14th February, everyone seems to be distressed. All the lovely people living their best single life, suddenly feel lonely and go into hiding for fear of spending this day alone. On the other end of the end of the spectrum, all the happy couples go from enjoying their relationship, to worrying about planning an elaborate date or buying presents. We need to change the narrative to self-love.

Self love is all about enjoying the unique qualities that make you, you. We should be using Valentines Day celebrate ourselves and all that we are.

This doesn’t mean that if you are in a relationship that you can’t celebrate with that person. The love you have with your significant other is important, but don’t let it take away from the love you have for yourself. After all, the most important relationship in life if the one you have with yourself. Being in a relationship shouldn’t be the only indicator of happiness or achieving love. Achieving self-love should be everyone’s goal and Valentine’s Day is our reminder to be kind to ourselves.

the most important relationship in life if the one you have with yourself

So how do we celebrate self-love on valentine’s day?


Self love and self care go hand in hand. Go for a walk, take a long bath and spend a little time to pamper yourself. Here are few of our favourite products to help you indulge in some self care:


Writing things down is a great way to realise your potential and love yourself. Write down some loving affirmations about yourself or even write yourself a love letter. Keep the kind words you write about yourself and look on them later to remind you of all that you are.


Buy yourself a gift! No point waiting for someone to buy you something you’ve been eyeing off. Let’s be honest, no matter how many less than subtle hints you give your significant other, most of the time they’ll still get you cheap heart shaped chocolates. You deserve to buy yourself something nice!

Author: Brittany Nash