February 22, 2016



4 months ago to the day I launched my first ever online business, Shhh Silk. It's funny, writing this a massive smile comes to my face as I realise for the first time what others around me have been so amazed by... It is quite amazing to stop and reflect on the milestones my new brand and I have achieved in such a short time.

LESSON: As an entrepreneur things can often feel as though they don't happen quick enough, remind yourself often to put things in perspective and celebrate the small wins you have along the way. 

Firstly launching not one but two websites is a major achievement, anyone who has ever launched an online business would appreciate the hours / weeks / months of hard work that goes into designing a new site.

TIP: Anyone reading this blog post wondering where to start to build a website, I can recommend Shopify which is the platform we have used to build shhhsilk.com.au and shhhsilk.com 

Within a month of launching Shhh Silk our Instagram profile had grown into the 10,000's and we were starting to engage social influencers around the globe to try our silk pillowcases. 

TIP: If you own or manage a brand make sure you focus on growing and engaging your social media audiences as early as possible. Remember that social media is a two way relationship so you need to give as much as you receive by way of likes and comments. 

In December just 2 months after launching I received an email inviting Shhh Silk to LA for the exclusive Golden Globes gift lounge. This was such an incredible opportunity for the brand and has since opened up so many doors for me in the US. Having met over 70 celebrities during the weekend event including: Viola Davis (The Help), Kym Whitley (Raising Whitley), Allison Holker (So You Think You Can Dance), Mercedes Javid & Alpha Sherv (Shahs Of Sunset), Kristen Doute, Katie Maloney & Scheana Marie (Vanderpump Rules) it was exactly the kick start we needed. The response I received from every celebrity was extremely favourable and positive and I learnt even more about the importance of hair care from some of the industry's best actresses. 

LESSON: If you are given an opportunity, always say yes and work out the details later. 

Four months in and what does our business look like? Well I am pleased to share we are close to 50,000 instagram followers, over 100 celebrities across the globe currently sleep on our silk pillowcases every night, Shhh Silk has sold in over 7 countries and we still have the only marble silk pillowcases in the world! 

I look forward to sharing this amazing story with you, my intention is to use this blog not only to share my story but to share the mistakes, lessons and tips I have learnt along the way with my readers. 

Those who know me know I am an open book, I have always enjoyed helping others grow and have never believed in closing the door to success behind me. The more people I can help, the more I too grow. I'd love to hear any questions you have or any stories you want to share. You can contact me through: info@shhhsilk.com and I will respond to your emails personally. 

Thank you for reading and enjoy your beauty sleep - Olivia xx