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HORA x SHHH SILK Wellness Kit (Limited Edition)

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Made from 100% Pure 22 Momme High Grade 6A Mulberry Silk

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HORA x SHHH SILK Travel Kits

  • We’ve teamed up with HORA to create the ultimate travel pack. Our exclusive travel kit sets includes HORA's  latest facial stone; black obsidian, one SHHH SILK Grey Silk Eye Mask, and a co-branded travel bag. The black obsidian stone contains potent energies including elements of fire, water, and earth (to name a few). It helps bring skin imbalances to the surface and releases them from the body whilst helping to shield one against negativity. Paired with our grey silk eye mask, which is made from luxurious 100% pure 22 momme high grade 6A mulberry silk. Each mask is perfectly plush, filled with pure silk, and designed to fit all. When pairing the items together in our co-branded clear vinyl travel & cosmetic bag, this will make the perfect duo for any overnight stay! 

  • Set Contains:


    1 x Hora Skin Care Black Obsidian Facial Roller:

    Black Obsidian is a stone which contains some of the most potent energies including elements of fire, water, and earth. It helps brings skin imbalances to the surface and releases them from the body while helping to shield one against negativity. Each stone is unique and naturally derived. 

    For best results, place the roller in the fridge or freezer before use.With the large stone, start at the chin and roll horizontally towards the hairline. Continue on forehead moving vertically. Use the small stone for around the eyes, starting at the inner corner of the eye and roll toward the temples. 

    1 x Shhh Silk Grey Silk Eye Mask 

    Made from luxurious 100% pure 22 momme high grade 6A mulberry silk, not only are our oversized grey silk eye masks perfectly plush, but they’re also filled with silk too. The result? Your softest, most comfortable sleep yet. Our eye masks block out even the brightest of light so you can snooze uninterrupted. The icing on the cake? Our silky elastic band is designed to fit all heads, so you can say farewell to any discomfort. Go on, put one on. Your pretty eyes deserve it.

    1 x PVC Travel Carry Case 

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