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Clear Quartz Cluster Tealight Candle Holder

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Light up this Tealight Candle to heal the heart and mind. Clear Quartz Crystals emit calming energy and promote clarity of thought, helping you to focus on your dreams and desires. 

A cluster crystal forms when many crystal points grow together and become one. Cluster crystals radiate high energy due to the united power of each crystal and direct it out through the crystals many points.

Use during meditation to amplify its healing properties or any time you want to create a calm environment. Light up these candles while taking a bath, allow the crystals to create a calm environment and enable your thoughts to focus on healing and relaxation. These candles are also great in the bedroom. Fall asleep each night with a clear headspace and wake up each morning with your goals and intentions certain for the day ahead. 

Please note that these crystals are natural specimens and each is unique. Therefore the size and shape may vary from the image shown.