March 19, 2018

Sleep your way to softer, younger looking skin with 100% natural silk pillow slips

Sleep your way to softer, younger looking skin with 100% natural silk pillow slips

Everyone wants flawless skin, it’s just tricky finding the time in our busy lives to make that dream a reality!

Think about all the time required to invest in regular facials as well as the money needed to pour into skincare creams that require us to run around town buying and then applying at night!

What if we told you none of these efforts mattered unless you’re actually getting quality beauty sleep. And by quality we mean catching those crucial 7-8 hours on a natural 100% silk pillow slip that allows skin to properly recovery and rejuvenate by the morning?

Yes, you read correctly. Unless you’re allowing your skin to relax and rest on the best known surface for your skin, how is it possible for functional skin-cell turnover resulting in younger looking skin. 

Here are four reasons you need to embrace silk pillow slips to get the most out of your nightly shut-eye. Believe us, your skin will thank you everyday!

  1. Minimise ageing

Who hasn’t woken up with odd lines running down one or both sides of the face? These irritating creases are caused by sleeping on tough materials like cotton or polyester that imbed and stamp ridges into the surface of our skin. This occurs because we lie in the one position for hours on end while we sleep.

The older we get, the longer it takes for our skin to bounce back and for these creases to disappear after we’ve woken.

Not only are these sleep creases annoying and kind-of unsightly, they age our skin prematurely too. 

Shhh Silk’s 100% silk pillow slips allow the skin to rest evenly over the surface of the silk, with no harsh lines imprinting upon it. By investing in a silk pillow slip, you’ll never unintentionally crease and damage your skin again. 

  1. Hydrate your skin

Regular pillow slips made from cotton or man-made materials draw moisture out of the skin as we sleep. These harsh fabrics act like a sponge, slurping up the natural precious oils our skin produces overnight during critical skin-cell turnover phases.

The sebum that’s produced as a byproduct allows our skin to rest and recover. However, when it’s absorbed by the material covering regular pillow slips, it leaves skin feeling dry and tired-looking in the morning. 

For a plump, younger, hydrated complexion switch to silk. You’ll help assist in your skins natural, anti-ageing process as silk won’t rob you of the moisture we all covet and naturally deserve.

  1. Allow your skin to breathe 

We spend a large chunk of our day just lying in bed catching up on beauty sleep. It makes sense to choose a natural material that allows skin to breathe throughout the night. 

100% mulberry silk is a natural temperature insulator meaning it will keep your cheeks cosy in winter and cool and refreshed in summer - no sticky, sweaty nights!

  1. Silk is hypoallergenic

Suffer from sensitive skin that’s prone to allergic reaction? So many of us do!

Reduce inflammation and irritations by sleeping on a hypoallergenic silk pillow slip. Silk pillow slips are dust-mite resistant and are made without harsh, toxic dyes so your skin can rest without upsetting lumps and bumps in the morning.

Silk pillow slips are perfect for anyone with sensitive skin issues like dryness, eczema, dermatitis, rosacea and psoriasis and because dust-mites can’t live on the surface of silk, they are the best option for asthma sufferers as well.

Enjoy your beauty sleep,

Shhh Silk xx