March 26, 2021

Shhh Silk And Homelessness

Shhh Silk And Homelessness

Shhh Silk And Homelessness

Homelessness is an issue that strikes a chord in every member of the Shhh Silk team. It is something that we feel the utmost sympathy for and has been a recurring cause we’ve supported over the years. In fact, the issue of homelessness contributed to the start of Shhh Silk.

Back is 2014 before Shhh Silk began, our CEO, Olivia Carr, was on a family holiday in New York with her children. On this trip she was overwhelmed by the degree of homelessness she saw and struggled with how to explain to her small children why people were living on the streets. From that day she promised that she would create a brand successful enough that it would allow her to aid the issues of homelessness. Since then, Shhh Silk has engaged in many social initiatives to support this cause.

Hanover House

Shhh Silk donated Christmas hampers of toys and food to Hanover House, which provide housing and homelessness support services in Australia.

Vinnies Sleep Out

St Vincent de Paul’s (Vinnies) is a social organisation committed to actively fighting to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness. For an entire month we donated $5 form every order to Vinnies and also participated in the Vinnies Sleepout to raise awareness and money to help alleviate poverty and homelessness.

The Sleepout involved the entire Shhh Silk Team to sleep on the concrete floor of our warehouse, with only a piece of cardboard for a mattress. The Sleepout encourages people to gain a deeper understanding of the realities of homelessness as well as raise awareness and funds to help make real change to homelessness.

Sacred Heart Mission

The Sacred Heart Mission is an organisation that assists hundreds of people experiencing homelessness. The entire Shhh Silk team volunteered at Sacred Heart Mission to serve food to homeless people. This was a great opportunity to be actively involved in helping homeless people through food preparation and meal service. It was also great to be able to talk directly to the people doing it tough, learn more of their struggles and how we can do more help.

Sleep For Street

After having much involvement with helping homelessness over the years, Shhh Silk decided to take on a more active role by creating Sleep For Street. We created a purpose-built eye mask for homeless people that is 100% light-blocking, features earplugs to block noise, it’s durable and weatherproof. With every order, not matter how big or small, we donated one of these eye masks to a homeless person

Poor sleep leads to significant physical and mental health issues and for homeless people, they’re getting as little as 3 hours of disrupted this sleep at night. These eye masks were designed to help make sleep a little easier for those on the streets. Thanks to all our amazing customers, we were able to donate over 4,000 eye masks!

Author: Brittany Nash