August 13, 2019

7 Ways To Care For Lash Extensions

7 Ways To Care For Lash Extensions
So, you’ve decided to get eyelash extensions and are completely obsessed! There’s nothing more frustrating than enduring hours of tedious application and spending an arm and a leg, only to have your lashes damaged and fall out in days. Don’t worry! Shhh Silk has got you covered with 5 little TLC tips to keep your lash extensions fluttery and glamorous as ever.

1. Sleep with a silk eye mask

If you’re a fan of sleeping with an eye mask, a silk one goes hand in hand with lash extensions. A silk eye mask is gentle against lash extensions and protects them as you sleep to help keep your lashes intact – not to mention a silk eye mask is extremely soft!

2. Sleep on a silk pillowcase

If eye masks aren’t your thing, try sleeping on a silk pillowcase! Unlike other fabrics which may tug and pull at your lashes, a silk pillowcase will allow the lashes to glide over the pillow and prevent damage.

3. Great grooming

A couple of times a day, gently brush through your lashes with a clean spoolie. This will ensure any stray lashes are straightened back in place. If your lash technician doesn’t provide them, spoolies can be purchased very cheaply from chemists or cosmetic stores.

4. Minimal Makeup

Fortunately, lash extensions usually cut your beauty routine in half by eliminating the need for mascara or eye makeup. However, if you do feel enhancing your eyes a bit more with makeup, be sure to steer clear of the roots of the lashes and only apply mascara to the tips of the lash extensions.

5. Avoid picking/ resist playing with them

I know that laying with lash extensions can be extremely satisfying – at least until you realise that your fiddling has cause all your lashes to bend sideways or fall out! Touching or rubbing your eyes can weaken the adhesive bond and even damage your natural lashes. Resist the temptation!

6. Avoid water

Straight after getting you lashes done, it is crucial to avoid water and steam. Try to keep your lashes dry for the first 24 hours. Beyond this, you may shower and wash your face as usual as (a little bit of water will actually help keep the lashes flexible.)

7. Avoid oil-based product

Oil cleansers are great for removing makeup, but they’re also good at dissolving the glue holds your lashes. Try and find other oil-free cosmetics and products when you have lash extensions!  
While you must eventually face the inevitable of your lashes falling out, follow these tips and your lashes will stay fuller and fluffier for longer. For more tips and tricks check out this great video by Sephora:

Written by Brittany Nash