March 05, 2021

How To Celebrate International Women's Day

How To Celebrate International Women's Day

How To Celebrate International Women's Day

International Women’s Day! A time to recognise and celebrate all the amazing social, political and economic achievements of women and identify the barriers to overcome in achieving gender equality. This day has been celebrated for over a century and while we have succeeded much in creating a more equal society, there is still a long way to go.

With the ongoing pandemic, this years International Women’s Day will be a little different. But although we can’t meet face to face, there’s still plenty of ways to get involved! Here are 5 ways to celebrate International Women’s Day in 2021.

1. Choose to Challenge

This years theme is Choose To Challenge. Raise your hand high to show that you commit to choose to challenge and call out inequality question stereotypes, and help forge an inclusive world. Join the Shhh Silk team in posting a photo of yourself with your hand raised and use the hashtag #choosetochallenge.

2. International Women’s Day 24-Hour Global Summit

If you’ve got a busy schedule, AllBright is holding a 24 Hour Virtual Summit for you to chime into when you’ve got a spare moment. The summit has a great line up of amazing women that will inspire and empower you.

3. Shop Female

Support women in the workforce by shopping female owned businesses. The retail industry is dominated by men in leadership positions, so help your fellow girl bosses!

4. Donate to a feminist cause

There are so many amazing organisations advocating for women. From protecting them against domestic violence, educating young girls in disadvantaged areas and providing support to single mothers. Do some research on an issue that touches your heart. To get you started, check out Bustle’s list of female charities.

5. Start The Conversation

Take some time to sit down with your friends and family to discuss the issues surrounding women. It can be difficult to have these conversations, but it is important bring these issues to light and raise awareness. Don’t forget to include men! For change to happen we need everyone on board and advocating for equality.

Author: Brittany Nash