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Hair Brush Guide 101

March 15, 2019

Hair Brush Guide 101

Using the right brush for your hair is so important for maintaining healthy hair and ease of styling. Do you need synthetic bristles, fast drying or detangling? If you’re reading this and thinking half of these words are made up, you’re not alone. But never fear, choosing the right brush for your hair is no longer an overwhelming task with our simple guide to selecting the perfect brush to achieve perfect hair.

Boar Bristle Hair Brush

Best for: Day to day use for healthy hair

If you’re absolutely lost when it comes to choosing the right hair brush, you can’t go wrong with the Boar Bristle Hair Brush. This brush combines nylon and boar bristle to maintain healthy hair and scalp.  The Nylon Bristles massage your scalp and stimulate blood circulation to encourage natural oils and hair growth. Meanwhile, the boar bristles distribute these oils evenly down the hair strands, so you no longer have to worry about oily roots!  Use this brush on a daily basis and expect to see stronger, shinier and overall healthier hair.

Wide Toothed Shower Comb

Best for: Detangling wet hair

Use the Wide Toothed Shower comb whilst your hair is wet to detangle and remove knots. While wet hair has the luxury of detangling with ease, it is also when hair is prone to breakage. This comb allows hair to glide smoothly between the teeth without the threat of damaging your hair. Not to mention that the curved handle allows the comb to be hung in the shower so that you have more room for other shower essentials.





Boar Bristle Teasing Brush

Best for: Adding volume and smoothing

If you struggle with fine, flat or thin hair, this brush is your best friend. Use the pointy end to effortlessly create sections in your hair. Simply brush backwards along your hair to lift your roots and create volume. Then smooth over the top to neaten up the surface. Add fullness and texture to a range of updos and allow this brush will help to hold bold hairstyles in place.




Paddle Brush

Best for: Detangling and smoothing

The humble Paddle Brush is a must have for all hair lengths and great for thick hair. Quickly detangle unruly hair that is wet or dry. The wide surface of the paddle brush covers large sections, ensuring that knots are removed and your hair is silky smooth in no time.




No Slip Alligator Clips

Best for: sectioning and styling hair

While this may not be categorised as a hair brush, these No Slip Alligator Clips go hand in hand with your hair routine. Use these clips to section your hair and reduce blow drying time by reaching each strand of hair from the root. The clips can also be useful when using styling tools to section layers in your hair for your flat or curling iron to reach. If you like doing your hair before applying makeup, simply use these clips to keep hair out of your face and don’t worry about kinks in your locks when you remove the clips.



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