September 29, 2020

Blog: What is Maskne and How to Avoid It

Blog: What is Maskne and How to Avoid It

Face masks are here and here to stay. While they’re great for protecting the community from the spread of COVID-19, they’re not so great for your skin. You may have found that since wearing your mask you’ve experienced redness, dryness, irritation or breakouts. This is called Maskne.

Maskne: acne or other skin irritation that results from wearing a mask, especially a medical, N95, or cloth face mask.

Why does wearing a mask cause skin issues?


While wearing a mask, the humidity and moisture created from our breath can change our skins PH level, resulting in skin irritation


The constant rubbing of a mask against your face can lead to chafing and redness.

Dirt and Bacteria

Wearing a mask traps dirt, oil and bacteria against your skin and clogs your pores

Unfortunately, the combination of these three things creates the perfect environment for break outs and acne. However, there are measures you can take to combat maskne.

How To Prevent Maskne

Avoid Makeup

Due to the increased humidity, wearing makeup under your mask can clog your pores and worsen breakouts. Give the lower section of your face a break from makeup and use the extra time perfecting winged eye liner or a bold eye!


The rubbing of the mask against your face can damage your skins natural barrier, making it vulnerable to inflammation. Using a good moisturiser will keep you skin hydrated and healthy. If you don’t moisturise, your skin is likely to produce more oil to compensate, leading to clogged pores. So even if you have oily skin, moisturising is key!

Wear a silk face mask

The soft texture is gentle against your skin and the breathable fabric reduces humidity from your breath. Silk is also known for having anti-bacterial properties, preventing bacteria from developing within your mask.

Cleanse before and after wearing your mask

Just like you wash your hands before and after wearing your mask, it’s good to get into the habit of washing your face too. Washing your face right before wearing your mask will remove dead skin cells, oil and dirt that would otherwise make your mask dirty and your skin worse. Washing your face after wearing your mask remove any built-up oils from wearing the mask

Wash Your Face Mask

Washing your face mask after each wear is essential to both preventing maskne and the spread of COVID-19. Washing your mask will remove all the oils and skin cells collected in the mask that contribute to maskne. Here is a guide on how to properly wash your face masks.